Fig. BCV25 2-Way Control Valve PN25
May 2, 2017

Fig. VFCU25 FCU Valve Kit PN25


• Static Pressure Rating: PN25

• Working Medium: Water

• Temperature range: 0°C to 100°C (nominal pressure rating varies at different temperatures within the range)

• Standard size for hook-up: ¾” (can be supplied with couplings to suit ½” & 1’’ connections)

• End connection: – Female (pipe end) (parallel) – Male (flexible hose end), (Taper)


• Quick and easy to install

• Raised handles to allow for insulation

• Flexible hoses can be adjusted to meet a variety center to center dimensions for different FCU’s

• Fixed orifice metering station gives single KV value which allows for quick water balancing. Furthermore, it allows for easy and accurate measurement of flow


• Full Insulation

• Static Balancing Valve

• 2 Way Control Valve with actuator

• 3 Isolating Ball valves with extended handles for allowance of insulation (1 for supply, 1 for return,1 for by-pass)

• 2 Flexible hoses for connection to FCU (standard length of approximately 300mm)

• 2 P/T Test Points

• Fixed Orifice Metering Station

• Three Orifice Sizes:

  • 5mm for low flow (0.03 – 0.2 ltr/s)
  • 7.5mm for medium flow (0.07 – 0.5 ltr/s)
  • 10mm for high flow (0.12 – 0.8 ltr/s)

Mesh Details:

• Material: SS304

• Dia of Hole: 0.8mm

• Thickness of Mesh: 0.5mm

• Free area percentage: about 52%

• Holes/cm2: 60

Actuator Details:

• ON/OFF : 230V, NC

• Modulating : 24V, 0-10V DC, NC

Material Specification

1 Mesh Stainless Steel 304 All
2Clamping RingStainless Steel 304 All
3Gasket P.T.F.E All
4Valve Spool DZR Brass CW602N All
5Ball DZR Brass CW602N All
6Gasket P.T.F.E All
7Body DZR Brass CW602N All
8Hexaggonal Nut DZR Brass CW602N All
9O Ring N.B.RAll
10Female Nut DZR Brass CW602N All
11Pin DZR Brass CW602N All
12Stem Cover ABSAll
13Connecting Pin DZR Brass CW602NAll
14Spacing Cover ABSAll
15HandwheelAluminum AlloyAll
16StemStainless Steel 304All
17SpringStainless Steel 304All
18Spring SeatBrass CW617NAll
20Adjust StaffDZR Brass CW602NAll
21Adjust Connector DZR Brass CW602NAll
22ScrewStainless Steel 304All
23Scale CoverABSAll
24HandwheelAluminum AlloyAll
25Handwheel CoverABSAll
26Test Points DZR Brass CW602NAll
27Connecting Belt N.B.RAll
28Wavy Tube Stainless Steel 304All
29Orifice Plate DZR Brass CW602NAll
30Crisscross Screw Stainless Steel 304All
31Gasket P.T.F.EAll
32Insulation BoxEPPAll